Version 1.0.2 has fixes for:

  • Hang when stopping telnet mode for Wifi Stoker (Black) and Stoker 2.
  • Printing templates not installed correctly.
  • Crash on Print bug (maybe - I am unable to reproduce the error for testing).


Version 1.0.1 has an attempted fix for the crash on print bug.  I was never able to recreate the bug myself, so I tried to bullet-proof the code where I think the error was occuring.


Version 1.0.0 is the same as 0.9.6.  This is the first non-beta release for StokerX.  Development is continuing for version 2, with many new features.  Bug fixes will be provided for the 1.0 version, but no new features.


Fixed Gatekeeper signing issue causing first-run crashes on Mavericks (OSX 10.9).

Fixed incorrect temperature display (Celsius instead of Fahrenheit).

Updated some status messages.


Fixed crash bug on MacOS X 10.7 (Snow Leopard).

Removed recurring debug message from system log.

Updated Credits window contents.